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HPC 4 Research

  1. You must have a valid Charite or MDC username.
  2. You have applied for and been granted access to the cluster by the gatekeeper.
  3. You have an SSH key generated and submitted.

What is my username?

The username for accessing the cluster is composed of your username at your primary organization (Charite/MDC) and a suffix:

  • Charite user: <Charite username>_c, e.g. doej_c
  • MDC user: <MDC username>_m, e.g. jdoe_m


There are two login nodes, login-1 and login-2. There are two for redundancy reasons. Please do not perform big file transfers or an sshfs mount via the login nodes. For this purpose, we have transfer-1 and transfer-2.


Please Note that the cluster login is independent of access to the MDC jail node

What is my username?

You simply use your Charite user name!

Last update: September 1, 2023