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Administration-Provided Software

Some software is provided by HPC Administration based on the criteria that it is:

  • system-near or system-level,
  • very commonly used.

Currently, this includes:

  • GCC v7.2.0
  • CMake v3.11.0
  • LLVM v6.0.0
  • OpenMPI v4.0.3

On the GPU node, this also includes a recent NVIDIA CUDA version.

To see which software is available, use module avail on a compute node (this will not work on login nodes):

$ module avail
--------------------- /opt/local/modules ---------------------
cmake/3.11.0-0  llvm/6.0.0-0
gcc/7.2.0-0     openmpi/4.0.3-0

To load software, use module load. This will adjust the environment variables accordingly, in particular update PATH such that the executable are available.

$ which gcc
$ module load gcc/7.2.0-0
$ which gcc

Problems with executing module?

See the corresponding FAQ entry in the case that you get a -bash: module: command not found when calling module.