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Slurm Command: sinfo

The sinfo command allows you to query the current cluster status.

Representative Example

hpc-login-1:~$ sinfo
medium       up 7-00:00:00     10 drain* med[0101-0103,0125-0126,0128-0132]
medium       up 7-00:00:00      1  down* med0243
medium       up 7-00:00:00     31    mix med[0104,0106-0122,0124,0133,0232-0233,0237-0238,0241-0242,0244,0263-0264,0503,0506]
medium       up 7-00:00:00      5  alloc med[0105,0123,0127,0239-0240]
medium       up 7-00:00:00    193   idle med[0134-0164,0201-0231,0234-0236,0245-0262,0501-0502,0504-0505,0507-0516,0601-0632,0701-0764]
hpc-login-1:$  sinfo --summarize
debug*       up    8:00:00    38/191/11/240 med[0101-0164,0201-0264,0501-0516,0601-0632,0701-0764]
medium       up 7-00:00:00    38/191/11/240 med[0101-0164,0201-0264,0501-0516,0601-0632,0701-0764]
long         up 28-00:00:0    38/191/11/240 med[0101-0164,0201-0264,0501-0516,0601-0632,0701-0764]
critical     up 7-00:00:00    25/141/10/176 med[0101-0164,0501-0516,0601-0632,0701-0764]
highmem      up 14-00:00:0          1/2/1/4 med[0401-0404]
gpu          up 14-00:00:0          3/0/1/4 med[0301-0304]
mpi          up 14-00:00:0    38/191/11/240 med[0101-0164,0201-0264,0501-0516,0601-0632,0701-0764]

This command will summaries the state of nodes by different criteria (e.g., by partition or globally).

Slurm Documentation: sinfo

Please also see the official Slurm documentation on srun.

Important Arguments

Also see all important arguments of the sinfo command.

  • --summarize -- Summarize the node state by partition.
  • --nodes -- Select the nodes to show the status for, e.g., display the status of all GPU nodes with sinfo -n med030[1-4].

Node States

The most important node states are:

  • down -- node is marked as offline
  • draining -- node will not accept any more jobs but has jobs running on it
  • drained -- node will not accept any more jobs and has no jobs running on it, but is not offline yet
  • idle -- node is ready to run jobs
  • allocated -- node is fully allocated (e.g., CPU, RAM, or GPU limit has been reached)
  • mixed -- node is running jobs but there is space for more