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Slurm Command: srun

The srun command allows you to run a command now.

Representative Example

hpc-login-1:~$ srun --pty bash -i

The command will perform a resource allocation with the scheduler (and wait until it has allocated the requested resources) first. Most importantly, you can specify the --pty argument which will connect the current terminal's standard output, error, and input to your current one. This allows you to run interactive jobs such as shells with srun --pty bash -i.

Slurm Documentation: srun

Please also see the official Slurm documentation on srun.

Important Arguments

Also see all important arguments of the sbatch command.

  • --pty -- Connect current terminal to the job's stdoud/stderr/stdin.
  • --x11 -- Setup X11 forwarding.
  • --immediate -- Immediately terminate if the resources to run the job are not available, do not wait.
  • --test-only -- Don't run anything, but only estimate when the job would be scheduled.


  • This is the primary entry point for creating interactive shell sessions on the cluster.
  • As with all jobs allocated by Slurm, interactive sessions executed with srun are governed by resource allocations, in particular:
    • srun jobs have a maximal running time set,
    • srun jobs have a maximal memory and number of cores set, and
    • also see scontrol show job JOBID.